Your True Worth

by John Randolph Price

The Universe does not compensate individuals based on the activity of work, but on the activity of consciousness. Accordingly, if you feel that your life is empty and useless-that your work is insignificant-and that the things that are yours to do are really meaningless, then you will be pressing out of universal Substance an income directly related to that consciousness: insignificant, trivial, useless, and valueless. On the other hand, once you see yourself as you are in truth, and embody that vision in your feeling nature, you will move above lack and limitation.

You are an heir to all that the Father has, and all you have to do to receive your inheritance is to die to your old ways of thinking. Rising in place will be the Truth of you - a strong, vibrant, useful, significant, valuable, worthwhile, meaningful, loving, and fulfilled individual.

Begin now to love those empty places in your life FULLY. Get to really know yourself, and love that rediscovered you with everything you've got. Then look at every detail of your home and work life and let the love flow. Nothing is too insignificant for the Energy of Love, so be a radiating Center of Love wherever you are.

A Meditation

I came into this world with a very specific purpose. I came to fulfill a mission. I came to love life and realize the truth about me. I came to contribute to the salvation of this world.

I am part of God and the fullness of the Godhead dwells in me. In the Mind of God, no one, or no thing is useless or meaningless. Everyone and everything is of critical importance to the balance and order of the universe. Without me, God would not be complete. Without me, the universe would lose its equilibrium.

All that is before me to, I do with happy enthusiasm. For nothing is too insignificant. And never again will there be a sense of futility in my life.

I am overflowing with gratitude to the Father for the opportunity to be in physical form at this time. I am so thankful to be right where I am, right now, serving all who come my way with love, joy, understanding, and forgiveness.

Recognizing my true worth, I now go forth with uplifted vision. I see with the inner eye the loving and prospering activity of the Christ within. I see with my physical eyes lavish abundance everywhere. I am peaceful, powerful, and poised, for I know who I am.

By John Randolph Price from the book "The Success Book". ©1998 John Randolph Price. All rights reserved.

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